Sesión bibliográfica: envejecimiento.

El 9 de marzo de 2018 el Dr. Javier Idoate Gil (Jefe Unidad Geriatría) repasó varios artículos que tratan aspectos relacionados con el envejecimiento, son:

  1. Physiological geroscience: targeting function to increase healthspan and achieve optimal longevity.
  2. Exercise training modifies ghrelin and adiponectin concentrations and is related to inflammation in older adults.
  3. A hypothesis for a possible synergy between ghrelin and exercise in patients with cachexia: biochemical and physiological bases.
  4. Caloric restriction mimetics: natural, physiological pharmacological autophagy inducers.
  5. Update on the impact of omega 3 fatty acids on inflammation, insulin resistance and sarcopenia: a review.
  6. Geroprotectors: a unified concept and screening approaches.
  7. Molecular basis of the anti-aging effect of spermidine and other natural polyamines. A mini review.
  8. The immunomodulatory effects of plant extracts and plant secondary metabolites on chronic neuroinflammation and cognitive aging: a mechanistic and empirical review.
  9. Geroprotectors as a therapeutic strategy for COPD-where are we now?
  10. Klotho, stem cells, and aging.
  11. Stem cells and anti-aging genes: double edged sword do the same job of life extension.
  12. Chronic inflammation and sarcopenia: a regenerative cell therapy perspective.
  13. An update on inflamm aging mechanisms, prevention and treatment.

La presentación se puede visualizar en el siguiente enlace.

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